About Me: Living Gluten Free & Dairy Free…Deliciously!

I’m just a girl….who loves to cook! I’m always trying new recipes  & tweaking them into something better! 4 years ago, I was faced with the new challenge of living and cooking gluten and dairy free. Undaunted, it has been my goal to acquire & convert or create as many recipes as possible into something that I can eat too! There are so many foods that I had to “give up” when I realized my intolerances. As more and more people face the realization of living gluten and/or dairy free….and knowing it can be a challenge at times, I’ve decided to share my tried and true allergy-friendly recipes. Although there is quite the learning curve involved with cooking and baking this way…. I’ve slowly learned (usually the hard way!) the art of living gluten-free (and dairy free)…..deliciously! Although I’m not an “expert” I hope some of you, regardless of how long you’ve been living gluten and diary-free, can find something useful in my blog. I appreciate all of you out there who have shared your gluten free recipes and secrets. It greatly helped me when I was starting out! Many of these recipes are long-time favorites turned allergy-friendly, while others I post will be first time attempts! And remember, for you gluten and dairy lovers, you can always use gluten or dairy containing items to replace the gluten free and dairy free ones they call for.  Its been a long road to go down, but its a path I’ve had to take and its been quite the journey!


  1. […] A Bit of Nutmeg – a gluten-free cook who, amazingly, hasn’t been seduced into baking with almond meal and coconut milk, two ingredients that will heave any diet right out the window. […]

  2. bevsfoodhaven Said:

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