A New Kitchen in the Making!

It’s finally, FINALLY here! I have been planning and designing and saving money for my brand new gourmet kitchen for 2 years now! I am NOT a patient person… so this was very hard for me! This project is a total overhaul, thank goodness for our amazing family and friends for their help! We’ve completely gutted my kitchen and old dining room from the studs out, both inside and out! We’re combining the 2 rooms to make one huge kitchen complete with a center island and breakfast bar, plus a nice office area! Yesterday and today were demo days…I am completely exhausted and my house is covered in dust! LOL. The walls are gone, the new windows and doors are in with new headers. Most of the ceiling is gone and has been re-framed to support the combined rooms, the layers upon layers of old flooring has been ripped out and we are replacing the sub-floor. The new sheeting and siding on the exterior and the hardybacker for the floor will be laid down soon. Still working on the new plumbing and electrical and we still need to get a ceiling put back up! It will be nice to have lighting again! Haha. It’s a good thing we have tomorrow too! With 5 trips to Home Depot and 2 trips to the landfill so far this weekend, and it’s an old house and full of construction “surprises,” it’s been more than a little crazy! It’s like going back in time seeing all the hideous layers of flooring and wallpaper, etc. Glad its gone, and we’re getting a fresh new start! So….. THAT is why I haven’t posted all week! I apologize…I’m usually much more consistent in my postings, but I was frantically trying to get as much cooked and frozen ahead of time. I will be without a working kitchen for between 2-3 weeks! And the whole thing won’t be finished until probably around 6-8 weeks! I don’t mind a plywood countertop for a little while if it means I can cook again! I made double batches of everything and my freezers are overflowing with muffins, granola bars, casseroles and a whole array of other easily frozen things! Having food allergies, I can’t just go grab some fast food for dinner…..so I did my best to stockpile my gluten free goodies ahead of time! LOL. I tried to make some new things too so that i would have some new recipes to post during my cooking dryspell…. but just a heads up my posts will be fewer and a little further in between for a few weeks. I’m sure as most of you enjoy cooking as I do, a new gourmet kitchen is well worth the wait! I’m SOOO excited I can hardly stand it! Which reminds me….I better get back to work! Lots and lots to do….it’s gonna be another long day! Stay tuned on the progress…..and I will have some new tasty recipes for you soon! Next up….Strawberry Rhubarb Coffeecake! 🙂


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